Yearly Registration Fee $50

1 class per week $60 per month

2 classes per week $100 per month

3 classes per week $150 per month

Drop in on a class for $20

Open gym:

Youth monitored open gym (Ages 12-16) $15 per visit with registration, $20 without

Unlimited open gym pass $100 per month

Adult open gym (16+) $10 per visit with registration, $15 without

Unlimited open gym pass $100 per month


How Our Classes Work:

 By Email, Phone, or in person tell us:
1. What class type do you want to attend and how many days per week you plan on attending
2. Pick the days of the week you want to come
3. If you miss a class you are allowed to reschedule
* Students can interchange between Parkour and Ninja classes

Classes offered:

Beginner Parkour/Freerunning(Youth 8-12) Teen(13-17):

This class is recommended for students who are just getting into Parkour/Freerunning and do not have a strong foundation of parkour specific skills. This will also involve students that are not able to perform flips without a trampoline. This class will take place primarily on mats and soft surfaces, and will place an emphasis on safe landings that can be applied to harder surfaces.

Advanced Parkour(Youth 8-12) Teen(13-17):

This class will focus on becoming a well rounded Parkour and Freerunning athlete. Elements of tumbling and tricking will be introduced into this class. Students will have full use of the facility to learn these skills. (Note: Students must be referred by a coach to join the advanced class)

Adult Parkour (18+):

This class is designed for adults who are interested in Parkour or Freerunning. Recommended for people with no Parkour experience to those with intermediate skills, the class will give you the basics and the skills to apply during the open gym sessions.

Little Ninjas Ages 5-7:

This is a strength training class for students 5 to 7 years old. This class will focus on improving climbing, balance, and general strength through fun challenges and obstacle courses.


Parties, Groups, and Private Lessons


Available Saturday after 4pm and Sundays before 5pm

The facility offers birthday parties and other parties available Saturday evenings from 7pm to 11 pm or Sundays from 8am to 10pm.
The basic party is 90 min of fun and games followed by 30 min of food and presents. Food not included.

1-5 Participants $30 per person
6-10 Participants $25 per person
11+ Participants $20 per person


Pricing is based on how many people attend and how long you wish to attend. Groups are treated like private open gyms, coaches will be present to monitor safety and provide tips but they are not there to coach. Group private lessons can be scheduled for groups looking for instruction.

For 1 Hour

1-5 people $25 per person
6-10 people $20 per person
11+ people $15 per person

For 2 hours

1-5 people $30 per person
6-10 people $25per person
11+ people $20 per person

Private lessons and Group lessons

Private lessons and group lessons provide high quality instruction to help students master skills faster than in ordinary classes. Students can focus on whatever skills they want and use any equipment in the gym. Private lessons can be scheduled with and coach of your choice.

30min of instruction

1-3 people $30 per person
4-8 people $25 per person

60 min of instruction

1-3 people $50 per person
4-8 people $45 per person

Contact Us:
Phone: 724-351-2363